Compliance verification of coolants

Coolant (radiator additive) is added to the vehicle’s radiator to keep the engine’s temperature within the ideal range and minimize corrosion of metal parts. A low quality product causes hoses to dry up, as well as clogging, overheating and loss of engine power. IPT evaluates the quality of both concentrated Read more…

Substitution of imported reference material

IPT has already developed over 130 types of Certified Reference Materials, including: Chemical compositions – steels, cast iron, pure metals, copper and iron alloys, refractory metals and ores Physical standards – viscosity, calorific value and specific mass, etc. Standards for the oil industry – flash point, fluidity point, clogging point, Read more…

Identification of combustion products

Upon burning, many materials release toxic substances that may be harmful to the environment. To enable the identification of substances generated by combustion, the material is subjected to pyrolysis at a controlled temperature varying from 300 to 900ºC, and the resulting combustion products are separated by gas chromatography and identified Read more…

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