Development of biodegradable plastics

Since 1992, IPT has been actively researching technologies for the production of biodegradable plastics, which involve the development of production processes for polyhydroxyalkanoate polymers using renewable raw materials and biotechnological methods. Biodegradable polymers offer an environmentally correct alternative for society, since they are produced from renewable raw materials and not Read more…

Bioremediation of contaminated soils

Bioremediation is a process or strategy to detoxify the ground or other environments using microorganisms (such as fungi and bacteria) and enzymes. It is based on a process of microbial degradation and on chemical reactions combined with engineering processes to transform contaminants so they no longer pose risks to the Read more…

Microbiological analysis of different products

IPT performs microbiological analyses with a view to ensuring product quality and complying with the requirements of inspection agencies, as well as the domestic and international markets, and to contribute to the protection of consumer health. These analyses include the detection and quantification of contaminants, as well as research on Read more…

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