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Check the catalog for patents available for licensing.

Licensing patents facilitates the formation of partnerships for technological development, accelerating the innovation cycle through the assimilation of knowledge and existing results. In order to encourage innovation and scientific and technological research, IPT publicly offers its innovative technologies, filed with the National Institute of Industrial Property – INPI, and available to the productive sector.

The patents available in the above catalog can be used by interested parties with an exclusivity clause, obtaining a monopoly on commercialization for the duration of the patent, in accordance with Article 6, Paragraph 1 of Federal Law No. 10.973, dated December 2, 2004.

To negotiate the patent licensing agreement or partnership for technological development based on the published technologies, interested parties should contact the Market Intelligence and Strategy Coordination – CIME.

(11) 3767-4138 

Access the PDF of the catalog of patents available for negotiation below:


No patents found.

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