Determination of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in construction materials

Recent years have seen growing interest in Green Buildings, i.e., constructions whose conception focuses on the efficient and responsible use of natural resources, aiming to reduce socio-environmental impacts and ensure sustainable civil engineering.

To be considered Green, a building must be made with products that carry the Green Seal, a sticker affixed voluntarily by the manufacturer attesting to its adequacy for use and its lower environmental impact than similar products. This seal tells the consumer that the product conforms to sustainability and quality excellence criteria.

The content of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is one of the items required of companies seeking Green Seal certification for products and construction materials.

IPT performs tests to determine the content of VOCs in adhesives, paints and sealants, except for water content and some other components not considered in the calculation of VOCs.

Official ASTM and SCAQMD standards are used, at the client’s request. It should be noted that these standards are not applicable to all types of paints, sealants and adhesives, since each material has its particularities, some of which may preclude testing.

It should be pointed out that IPT does not issue the Green Seal, but only performs the VOCs test.

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