Soil collapsibility of a Porto Velho District: impacts on popular housing


This paper presents the concepts involved in the identification of collapsible soils and the problems arising from their manifestation, with emphasis on the need for identification the soils with potential for collapse, so that new projects and constructions can already contemplate mitigation measures of possible impacts on civil works. Some project recommendations are given, highlighting the need to develop new studies in the northern region of Brazil, particularly in the state of Rondonia, where large dams are located, rainfall levels are high and infrastructure is still precarious.

CAMPOS, Gisleine Coelho de; SANTOS, Felipe Schaeffer. Colapsibilidade de solos em um distrito de Porto Velho – Rondônia: impactos em habitações populares. Revista IPT, Tecnologia e Inovação, v.3, n.11, p.21-34, ago., 2019.

Access to the article on the journal website:

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