Performance of pre-treatment of dry-in-place zinc phosphate on the mechanical forming process of low-carbon steels


This study compared the performance of zinc phosphate and micro zinc phosphate, both using dry-in-place technology to verify the behavior of these coatings on mechanical forming, through means of the Erichsen cupping test, Nakazima method and forming limit curves (FLC). Zinc-plated and phosphatized EM and EEP G4-degree carbon steel plates were studied. The sheets were zinc-plated and phosphatized with two baths: zinc phosphate and micro zinc phosphate, both using dry-in-place technology. The characterization of morphology of phosphates studied by scanning electron microscopy showed that the zinc phosphate layers showed no crystal formation when applied as roll coater and EDS analysis confirmed the presence of the element phosphorus. The Erichsen cupping test added to the FLC results showed micro zinc phosphate exhibited better performance in compared to the zinc phosphate. The difference between the two types of phosphate was measured and showed that dry-in-place technology cooperating with suitable production for lubricating phosphated layer during the mechanical forming process.

BRITO, Tiago Rafael Ferreira de; SANTOS, Célia Aparecida Lino dos. Desempenho de pré-tratamento de fosfato de zinco dry-in-place frente à conformação mecânica de chapas de aços baixo carbono. In: SEMINÁRIO DE LAMINAÇÃO, 52., 2015, Rio de Janeiro. Anais… São Paulo: ABM, 2015. 10 p.

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