Análise de ventilação natural em habitação popular


The upgrading of slums and the need for new energy efficient and sustainable housing makes it important that natural ventilation and lighting be considered accurately. Here, wind induced natural ventilation is studied. One of the objectives is to develop a methodology for wind tunnel testing of natural wind ventilation in apartments of affordable housing so that comfort and air quality is optimized. The flow was visualized using smoke as a tracer and measured inside the apartment using Particle Image Velocimetry. The internal pressure in the rooms of the apartment was measured as well. The results were then used to understand how different aspects of the layout improve or worsen natural ventilation. A single apartment was analyzed and neighborhood effects, that can significantly alter the results, were not considered for now. The results show that, in general, most rooms were well ventilated with the exception of the bathroom where air renewal was not very efficient.


NANTES JR., Mario Roberto; MARTINS, Gabriel Borelli; JABARDO, Paulo José Saiz; NADER, Gilder. Análise de ventilação natural em habitação popular. In: SIMPÓSIO INTERNACIONAL DE INICIAÇÃO CIENTÍFICA DA USP, 21., 2013, São Paulo. Atas… 28 p.

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