Uma contribuição para a diminuição da confusão no uso de termos e expressos na metrologia


Metrology has been developed over human being history through the definition of quantities, the invention of the measuring apparatus, the establishment of measurement systems and the construction of an international metrological vocabulary. Despite this phenomenal development, still today we are often surprised by obscure phrases or expressions whose meaning we try to understand. Unlike slang and colloquial communication where minor errors are sometimes tolerated, in the field of metrology, due to the very nature of the subject,
it is important to use the correct terms and definitions as set forth in official standards and metrology best practices. As a small contribution against this Babel syndrome, this paper presents and discusses some of these expressions we often hear in our everyday conversation, and was written aiming to clarify the proper sense of such terms and expressions so as to build a correct metrological culture and fully harmonized in its understanding.

KAWAKITA, Kazuto. Uma contribuição para a diminuição da confusão no uso de termos e expressos na metrologia. In: CONGRESSO DA QUALIDADE EM METROLOGIA REDE METROLÓGICA DO ESTADO DE SÃO PAULO, 2013, São Paulo. Anais… São Paulo: REMESP, ABIMAQ, 2013. 11 p.

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