Geological settings and technological characteristics of ceramic clusters of São Paulo, Brazil


The State of São Paulo concentrates ceramic production in Brazil, and the highlights are the products of heavy clay ceramics and ceramic tiles. From the recognition of the geographical distribution of the current productive structure of these two industries in the State of São Paulo, this paper seeks to establish the geological context of the main sources of supply of raw materials, with the definition of the type of deposits and succinct characterization of the mineralogical composition and the technological properties of their clays.

CABRAL JUNIOR, Marsis; TANNO, Luiz Carlos; ALBARELLI, Daniel Seabra Nogueira Alves. Caracterização geológica e tecnológica dos polos cerâmicos do Estado de São Paulo. Comunicações Geológicas, v.101, n. Especial 2, p.757-760, 2014 (Trabalho apresentado no Congresso Nacional de Geologia, 9., Congresso de Geologia dos Países de Língua Portuguesa, 2., Porto, 2014).

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