Análise de risco em áreas urbanas edificadas sobre maciços carbonáticos carstificados: o caso do Município de Lapão, BA


In October 2008 cracks appeared on the land surface in urban and rural areas of Municipality of Lapão, Bahia, Brasil. The process was diagnosed as a result of karstic collapse induced by watertable drawdown. Faced to this diagnosis, it was recommended that the pumping of deep wells located in the vicinity of the collapsed areas should be stopped. To complement this analysis, was designed a risk map, delimiting the area within which the Municipality of Lapão should maintain a continuous monitoring of cracks on the surface land and buildings, to even keep up to date the risk framework. Specific studies had been recommended in order to fully establish the final diagnosis and quickly overcome the eminent risk situation. It was also recommended to be drawn up a risk map for the whole urban area of Municipality of Lapão, as well as other small urbanized areas in the municipality in order to provide the public power of an effective tool for managing the risks associated with the karstic environment. Such studies should define procedures for harmonizing the urban uses with constraints related to the physical environment, since the region is prone to the occurrence of such phenomena. Finally, it was emphasized the need to reconcile economic activities with the actual water availability in the region and the potential problems arising from the karst aquifer vulnerability to pollution due to the effective launch of different types of pollutants directly into the aquifer recharge areas.


Azevedo, Adalberto Aurélio. Análise de risco em áreas urbanas edificadas sobre maciços carbonáticos carstificados : o caso do Município de Lapão, BA. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE GEOLOGIA DE ENGENHARIA E AMBIENTAL, 14., 2013, Rio de Janeiro. Anais… São Paulo: ABGE, 2013. CD. 10 p.

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