Barragens de mineração: considerações sobre a gestão de impactos ambientais a jusante na fase de operação


This paper summarizes the results obtained in case studies of mining dams in different locations in the State of São Paulo and in the Country. The objective is to present considerations about the requirements and practices adopted in relation to the management of environmental impacts in downstream areas, in due to the regular and continuous operation of these structures. The results are discussed in view of the potential influence of new legal requirements, the framing of mining dams in the national and state contexts and observations about the practices adopted in the management of environmental impacts downstream. It is observed that a good part of the identified practices covers in a general way the impacts of the operation downstream of dams. The consequences in the scenario of possible rupture are often analyzed, but the effects that can result from the operation and possible deficiencies in its operation are not very evaluated. Field recognition in stretches of rivers and floodplains downstream of operating dams allows us to highlight some common problems, such as changes in river morphology and dynamics, and the quality and availability of water resources, with negative consequences for the water supply of communities and others users, as well as damage to the state of conservation of ecosystems, especially in areas of permanent preservation. At the end, it is emphasized the importance of developing specific measures for the management of environmental impacts downstream of dams, from previous studies for licensing purposes to the execution of plans and programs in the environmental management of the operation.

BITAR, Omar Yazbek; CAMPOS, Sofia Julia Alves Macedo; AZEVEDO, Sérgio Gouveia; FERNANDEZ, Fernando; CORTEZ, Guilherme de Paula Santos Cutolo; GRAMANI, Marcelo Fischer. Barragens de mineração: considerações sobre a gestão de impactos ambientais a jusante na fase de operação. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE GEOLOGIA DE ENGENHARIA E AMBIENTAL, 16., 2018, São Paulo. Anais… São Paulo: ABGE, 2018. 9p.

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