Desing manufacturing and testing of a horizontal stabilizer in composite material


Most of industries, especially aerospace, have taken advantage of carbon-fiber-reinforced composites in manufacturing of lightweight structural elements. In order to decrease time production and ensure consistency, new solutions are using computer-guided robotics to lay several layers to create near net shape structures. This work aims to design, simulate, manufacture and test a full scale horizontal stabilizer, typical from aeronautical industry, using composite materials. In order to accomplish this purpose, a horizontal stabilizer was developed in CATIA V5 (CAD), and CAE software was used to model its response related to mechanicals efforts of typical flight conditions. The skins were manufactured in an Automated Tape Laying (ATL) machine and all the parts assembled, followed by static and dynamic mechanical tests of the complete assembly. Numerical results showed good correlation with data from experimental strains, validating the calibration of the finite element model.

MELLO, Wellington Lombardo Nunes de; ALMEIDA, Sergio F.M. de; RESENDE, Hugo Borelli . Design, manufacturing and testing of a horizontal stabilizer in composite material. In: BRAZILIAN CONFERENCE ON COMPOSITE MATERIALS, 3., 2016, Gramado. Proceedings… 8 p. 

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