Conductive grout for cathodic protection system of aboveground storage tank botton


The external face of the bottom of underground storage tanks suffers severe corrosion due to moisture and the presence of contaminants in the environment formed with the base of their setting on reinforced concrete or compacted sand under a layer of ordinary concrete. Impressed current cathodic protection is one of the techniques adopted to mitigate this corrosion. Anode tapes can be installed on the surface of the base, followed by a layer of conventional cimentitious material. As an option to this material, this work presents the conductive grout compositions development from the substitution of part of the aggregates of three common grouts industrialized by coke aggregate and complementary addition of carbon fiber. The compositions were characterized in the fresh and hardened state, as well as evaluated the electrical resistivity and degradation in the presence of volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI). The results indicated that the additions did not compromise the properties of the grouts or implied their degradation in the presence of VCI. All compositions presented a significant reduction of the electrical resistivity in relation to the common grout.

ARAÚJO, Adriana de; NASCIMENTO, Lucas Clementino do; PEREIRA FILHO, Mario Leite; PANOSSIAN, Zehbour; MOURA, Robson R. Graute condutivo para sistema de proteção catódica de fundo de tanque de armazenamento atmosférico. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DO CONCRETO, 60., 2018, Foz do Iguaçu. Anais… 17 p.

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