Experimental evaluation of oscillatory flow around 2D sections through PIV


PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) was applied to the measurement of the flow due to: 1) surface waves propagating freely along a small channel; 2) two dimensional (2D) sections under forced harmonic rolling at the free surface of the channel. The experimental results for the velocity field associated with the wave propagation were validated based on theoretical predictions through the Linear Wave Theory for infinite depth. As for the 2D sections, the following geometric were considered: round bilge and hard chine without bilge keels; round bilge with bilge of two different widths. Visual observation of the flow leads to a first analysis of the influence of the geometry on the sectional roll damping.

SILVA JR., Helio Correa da; GRINBERG, Marcelo; CONTI, Mardel B. de; SZAJNBOK, Moyses. Experimental evaluation of oscillatory flow around 2D sections through PIV. In: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON PRACTICAL DESIGN OF SHIPS AND OTHER FLOATING STRUCUTRES, 12., 2013,Chamgwon City, Korea. Proceedings… 5 p.

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