Experimental and numerical buckling analyses of tow streered composite plates


This work presents experimental and numerical buckling analyses of variable stiffness composite laminates (VSCL) with curvilinear fibers manufactured using automated fiber placement. The technique used to manufacture the plies of the laminate is called tow steering, which consists in depositing curvilinear fibers on the ply plane. The composites are made with a prepreg tow of carbon fibers and epoxy resin. Two different types of laminates are used to compare their respective bucking loads, one defined as the baseline, having straight fibers and continuous angles, the other being tow steered with variable angles, both having eight layers. The buckling numerical loads are obtained using finite element analyses. For the experimental analyses, the plates were submitted to compression loads until buckling using an MTS testing system and two different approaches were used to obtain the first buckling mode: the first employed two strain gauges bonded at the center of the plate on each side, and the second used 3D out-of-the plane digital image correlation (DIC). The numerical results showed that VSCL presented 5% higher fundamental buckling load than the unidirectional counterpart, while the experimental results presented an increase of 6.7%. One can conclude that the simulation results were in good agreement with the experimental analyses, and that fiber steering can effectively improve the bucking resistance of composite laminates

PEREIRA, D. A.; RADE, D. A.; MELLO, Wellington Lombardo Nunes de; REIS, Vitor Luiz; GUIMARÃES, T.A.M. Experimental and numerical buckling analyses of tow streered composite plates. In: INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, 24., 2017, Curitiba. Proceedings…

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