Monitoring of civil structures using Arduino plataform and low cost sensors


This paper discusses the use of the Arduino platform and low cost sensors in the development of a solution for monitoring vibrations and rotations in civil structures. The Arduino gets data from the sensor module (accelerometer), which can perform measurements of vibration and rotation of structures. The Arduino is accessed through a serial interface (USB port), using a computer program developed by the project team, which centralizes monitoring, provides data visualization in real time and saves the data obtained in text files compatible with spreadsheets (.CSV). Tests were performed comparing the monitoring system developed in this project with a commercial equipment that is available in the laboratory of the Structures Section of the Technological Research Institute of the State of São Paulo (IPT). In these tests, the relationships between the vibration amplitudes measured at the sensors at certain pre-selected frequencies and the capacity of the developed system to measure angles of rotation using the accelerometer sensor module were evaluated. The results showed that the chosen sensors have satisfactory performance when used to measure vibrations in the range of interest. When used to measure angles of rotation, one of the selected modules showed insufficient sensitivity to measure small angles on the Z axis. However, on the other axes, it measured the angle scorrectly. Both tested modules showed that it is possible to obtain measures of rotation angles with a precision of at least two decimal places.

LAVANDOSCKI, Fabio Ioveni; CAVALCANTE, Douglas Bellomo; PUHLMANN, Henrique Frank Werner; GONÇALVES, Ícaro; BRESSAN, Diego Lapolli; FERNANDES, Lucas Peduto Giaugiulio. Análise teórico e experimental de frequências naturais de viga engastada-livre considerando os métodos de resolução exata / analítica e matricial. In: CONGRESSO DE ENSAIOS E EXPERIMENTAÇÃO EM ENGENHARIA CIVIL, 2., 2019, Porto, Portugal. Anais… 11 p.

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