Experimental study of reinforced concrete beam reinforced with carbon fiber laminates by the NSM technique


With the growing need for strengthening and rehabilitation of structures due to problems resulting from design flaws, damages and changes of the usage of structures, inserting Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) in concrete grooves emerged as an alternative to traditional reinforcement methods. This technique is called Near Surface Mounted (NSM). This work presents an experimental study consisted of instrumenting and performing tests on two beams, one being the reference without using reinforcement and the other with CFRP laminate reinforcement applied on the concrete cover of the tensioned region. The experimental and theoretical results were compared showing that there is an increase of the load capacity and a reduction of vertical displacements of the CFRP strengthened beam using the NSM technical in relation to the reference beam.

ARAÚJO, CIRO José Ribeiro Villela; PINHEIRO, Luís Henrique Bueno; BRISOLA, Gabriela Martins Souza; CARVALHO, Belina Cavalcente Sawada de; SAWADA, Belisa Cavalcente; MORENO JÚNIOR, Armando Lopes. Estudo experimental de viga de concreto armado reforçado com PRFC pela técnica NSM. Revista IPT: Tecnologia e inovação, v.1, n.4, p. 20-43, abr., 2017.

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