Identification and classification of wood samples of the Materialize collection: material library for Design and Architecture (FAU USP)


Materialize is the material library created to support students of design and architecture courses at FAU-USP in the design disciplines. It has a collection of 73 wood samples. Research was done to classify the samples, but difficulties were found both in the identification of the material and in the search for technological information. For that, a research was carried out in conjunction with the Laboratory of Trees, Timber and Furniture from IPT. The objective was identifying and classify the collection’s wood samples. The research method was done in three stages: botanical identification, survey of technological information and classification of samples. A total of 51 samples were identified, two of which were incorrect and 13 were inadequately named. The texts with technological information were reworked. The partnership with a technology centre with expertise in this field was fundamental to provide correct information to users.

FANUCCHI, Gianluca; MIRANDA, Maria José de Andrade Casimiro; DANTAS, Denise. Identificação e classificação de amostras de madeiras do acervo Materialize: acervo físico e digital de materiais para o Design e Arquitetura (FAU USP). In: CONGRESSO & DESENVOLVIMENTO EM DESIGN, 13., 2018, Joinville. Anais… 9 p. 

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