Lições aprendidas de grandes incêndios em estruturas de concreto


Fire safety is a goal that must be pursued during all steps involved in the production process and use of the building. It must be considered from the conception and development of the preliminary design of the building, through the design and construction and into the operation and maintenance phase. In the design phase, the issue should be especially considered, as it establishes the basic structure of the building’s fire safety; It must be based on a thorough knowledge of the relationships with the provisions that give the building adequate levels of fire safety. In this article, the normative aspects related to this subject will be approached and case studies of buildings that suffered the fire action and its consequences will be presented.

BERTO, Antônio Fernando. Lições aprendidas de grandes incêndios em estruturas de concreto. In: CONGRESO LATINOAMERICANO DE PATOLOGIA DE CONSTRUCCIÓN, 15., CONPAT; CONGRESO DE CONTROL DE CALIDADE EN LA CONSTRUCCIÓN, 17., 2019, Chiapas, México. Anais… 13 p.

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