Monitoring corrosion in concrete structures: galvanic sensor


The monitoring of concrete structures enables estimated over the years the risk of corrosion of reinforcement carbon steel. Knowing the corrosion risk, prevention measures or corrosion control techniques can be applied. In practice, the risk of corrosion is assessed by periodic visual inspection of the steel reinforced and the concrete properties characterization. Currently this can be done by embedding sensors in the concrete cover of reinforcement to continuous data acquisition. In this paper, some sensors for monitoring of the risk of corrosion are presented.

ARAUJO, Adriana; PANOSSIAN, Zehbour; PORTELLA, Pedro D.; BÄSSLER, Ralph. Monitoramento da corrosão em estruturas de concreto: sensor galvânico. Téchne, Ano 21, Ed.194, p.62-66, maio, 2013.

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