Método para avaliação da eficiência de aquecedores elétricos para hidromassagem


The use of hot water for bathing is a necessity in a large portion of Brazil depending on local climatic characteristics. Bath water can be heated by various types of equipment such as electric showers and electric appliances for instantaneous water heating used in whirlpool tubs. These kinds of equipment consume high power and present a high frequency of usage which make them a focus for energy efficiency assessment. Nowadays, this is done based on the results of standard tests developed for the evaluation of electric shower energy efficiency. Laboratory studies to evaluate the energy efficiency of fixed electric appliances show that the current standard test methods do not consider some specific inherent characteristics of these devices, as an operation mode. This fact justifies the proposition of a new method considering the operation characteristics of this type of equipment. The proposed method recommends the energy efficiency evaluation, based on the direct acquisition of electric energy consumption values. The heater must be installed in a standard test whirlpool tub which simulates a real usage condition aiming at a greater representativeness and reliability of the results when compared to those obtained using the current test methods. The proposed method is more easily applicable to this kind of heater than the current standard test methods and provides more reproducible results.

LADEIRA, Flavio da Silva; ZANELLA, Luciano. Método para avaliação da eficiência de aquecedores elétricos para hidromassagem. Revista IPT Tecnologia e Inovação, v.2, n.9, p. 39-51, dez., 2018.

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