The mistery of Damascus sword: its sophisticated metallurgy and production techniques

The Damascus word was a legendary traditionally used and produced by the Muslim civilization until the 19th century. Its blade is widely known due to its sharpness and toughness, far superior to tis contemporary European sword. The Damascus steel was made from wootz cakes produced mainly in India, but its production technique was lost during 19th century. This work reveals the metallurgy of those medieval swords through the viewpoint of the modern metallurgical knowledge. Moreover, an overview of the most likely production techniques used by the medieval Islamic blacksmiths is shown.

GONDENSTEIN, H.; LANDGRAF, F.J.G. O mistério da espada de Damasco, sua sofisticada metalurgia e técnica de produção. In: ABM INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS, 67., 2012, Rio de Janeiro. Proceedings..

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