Main aspects covered in ABNT NBR 9452: 2016, the importance of maintenance activities in bridges and viaducts and the difficulties of the conditions of access to the inspections


The Special Works of Art, better known as bridges, viaducts and catwalks are extremely important structures in the economic and social development of the country. These works are subject to all kinds of environmental action, such as natural wear and accidental loading during their lives. To preserve the structural, the functional and the durability conditions, the new text of ABNT NBR 9452 presents, with greater clarity, a set of guidelines and specifications for conducting the inspection activities, facilitating the interpretation and the analysis of the data collected and providing an efficient and an effective work with realistic information for maintenance activities. This work presents the main aspects observed in the new version of the inspection standard in bridges, overpasses and walkways, shows the importance of maintenance work in the life of these structures and the difficulties in the conditions of access to the inspection work. An exploratory research was carried out on the requirements of the current standard NBR 9452, a hypothetical situation was also simulated to increase the useful life of a special work of art with maintenance activities and cases of access difficulties in Inspections were shown and some alternatives have been presented to facilitate inspection and maintenance work.

ARAÚJO, Ciro José Ribeiro Villela. Principais aspectos abordados na ABNT NBR 9452:2016, a importância das condições de acesso às inspeções e das atividades de manutenção em pontes e viadutos. Revista IPT Tecnologia e Inovação, v.1, n.5, p. 17-40, ago., 2017.

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