Cast-in-place concrete wall building systems: execution control aspects


Recently, the demand and the intense housing construction activity have spurred the development and use of the dependence on labor and on overall production costs. In this context, the building system consisting of cast-in-place solid concrete walls stands out as an answer to meeting these requirements, given the large number of companies using this building system throughout the country.
However, from technical visits to construction works and delivered units, it was noticed the occurrence of inadequate execution practices that can result in pathological problems and damage both the system performance and its image for the user. Among these, poor control of the properties of the concrete, both in the plastic and hardened state, the lack of execution techniques and execution procedure control aiming at correct positioning and the appropriate concrete cover to reinforcement, the incorrect positioning of facility components and the inadequate filling of formworks, among others can be mentioned. Thus, this paper aims to discuss the main control actions to be taken in construction works and thereby contribute to the progress and dissemination of good practices adopted in execution of the building system. To this end, the results and information collected on construction works of cast-in-place concrete walls buildings will be used . In conclusion, in a preliminary way, the best results in efficiency in using this building system were obtained in the construction works in which detailed engineering designs were adopted, procedures for the receiving and storage of material and implementation procedures were defined.

MITIDIÉRI FILHO, Cláudio Vicente; SOUZA, Julio Cesar Sabadini; BARREIROS, Thiago Salaberga. Sistema construtivo de paredes de concreto moldadas no local : aspectos do controle de execução. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DO CONCRETO, 54., 2012, Maceió. Anais… São Paulo: IBRACON, 2012. 8 p.

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