Tip vortex comparison of a DARPA suboff AUV propeller: experimental and numerical methods


In a joint project of the Brazilian Navy (CTMSP) and the Institute for Technological Research (IPT), the propeller of a DARPA Suboff based AUV was designed applying lifting line theory and manufactured. This paper presents the comparison of propeller tip vortex properties obtained on cavitation tunnel tests and numerical simulations, both in open water conditions. It represents an important issue in terms of propeller efficiency and acoustic investigation. The experiments were carried out at IPT’s facilities, in where thrust and torque were measured and the velocity field was registered using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), in order to obtain the vortex distribution pattern. The numerical approach consisted of simulating the propeller using RANS k 􀀀 ! SST turbulence model in ANSYS ® CFX and StarCCM+ ® finite-volume software. These simulations were performed separately by CTMSP-team and IPT-team, respectively. Numerical methods were capable of estimate the total loads and vorticity values on the tip vortex regions, however there are limitations in reproduce the vortex geometry as measured by the PIV apparatus.

SILVA JÚNIOR, Hélio Correa; ESTEVES, Fillipe Rocha; DANTAS, João Lucas Dozzi; MOURA, Alceu José dos Santos; BARNACK NETO; Walfrido Nivaldo; SILVA, Rubens Cavalcante da; KOGISHI, André Mitsuo; SBRAGIO, Ricardo. Tip vortex comparison of a darpa suboff auv propeller: experimental and numerical methods. In: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON PRACTICAL DESIGN OF SHIPS AND OTHER FLOATING STRUCTURES, 14., 2019, Yokohama. Proceedings… 17 p.

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