Techno performance and installation: emergent possibilities of artistic production using drones


In this article, we present the creative process that originated the first techno performance using a drone, carried out at the GIIP. A real-time flight delineates a path on the ground made by a laser embedded in the drone and based on facial gestures and head movements of an artist with locked-in syndrome. In this path, dancers create their movements inspired by the soundtrack that mixes both the electronic and the experimental analogical sound. We also describe the production process of an artistic installation, resulting from this performance, which participated in two exhibitions. Finally, we bring theoretical considerations about transductions between engineering, technology, and art, followed by some considerations that justify our opinion that this techno performance is only the beginning of a diversified series of artistic productions of the GIIP using devices operated by remote control and virtual reality technology.

LEOTE, Rosangella; CAVALHIERI, Caio Pompeu. Tecnoperformance e instalação: possibilidades emergentes de produção artística com drones. ARS, v. 17, n.35, p. 239-256, 2019.

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