Geophysical investigation of submerged environments

Geophysical methods consists of a set of investigative tools applied especially to the study of shallow submerged areas (coastal areas, rivers, lakes and reservoirs) considering the natural inaccessibility of these environments to conventional investigative methods.

IPT uses mainly seismic methods called echo-sounding (double frequency), sonography (100 and 500 kHz) and continuous seismic profiling (boomer and chirp) to provide technical support for projects that need geological and geotechnical knowledge of submerged surfaces, such as the construction or rebuilding of ports and installation of docks, pipes, marinas, bridges and tunnels, etc. Data acquired using these investigative methods also support projects related to regeneration of beaches, mineral prospecting, waterways, dredging operations and installation of reservoirs for water storage or flood containment. These data are also for river and reservoir silting studies and for projects related to fishing activities and underwater archeology.

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