Consultancy for large purchases and bidding processes for footwear and PPE

Government institutions, large companies, local governments, armed forces, and other large buyers generally make purchases through public bidding processes and other modalities in which the products’ technical specifications to be met by suppliers are established. Good specifications ensure the buyer a product that matches his needs, with the best standard of quality and durability.

IPT can help these institutions establish the best technical specifications for products such as walking shoes, school, sport, dress, military, and safety shoes, protective gloves and clothing, and other similar products made of leather or other materials.

Additionally, the Institute makes technical assessments of products purchased or to be purchased, issuing technical findings (test reports or technical reports), to ascertain whether the product meets the established specifications. These reports can be presented to suppliers, if so required by the bidding rules, or to buyers to attest to the compliance of purchased products.

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