Biofuels corrosiveness

IPT\'s facilities for biofuels corrosiveness research
IPT\’s facilities for biofuels corrosiveness research

IPT´s Laboratory for Corrosion and Protection (LCP) has a suitable infrastructure to develop laboratory and in-field corrosion research with biofuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel, aiming at creating the necessary conditions for safe storage and inland and oversea transportation.

The Lab also develops specific test methodologies for the study of ethanol corrosiveness and of the maintenance of its quality both in stagnant conditions (to simulate storage tanks) and dynamic conditions (to simulate pipeline transportation), including studies on the influence of inerting gases used in tankers.

IPT is prepared to develop studies in order to verify the corrosiveness of pure biodiesel (B100) obtained from different sources and origins, as well as to verify the compatibility of biodiesel/diesel blends (BXX blends) and their corrosiveness against the metallic materials used in transport and storage facilities.

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