Territorial geomining planning (OTGM) of the mining ceramic cluster of Santa Gertrudes, SP: a planning and management tool to ensure the sustainable supply of mineral resources


In order to reconcile the development of mining activities with other territorial vocations and environmental preservation of the mining ceramic cluster of Santa Gertrudes, this paper approaches the conceptual aspects, methodological instruments and the mining zoning model developed for the territorial geomining planning – OTGM of this region. As a methodological instrument, we attempted to make a cross analysis of the natural resources availability and mineral production in the environmental, occupational and legal context of the Santa Gertrudes cluster territory. This analysis was centered in few, but significant, weighting parameters, considered strategic for the development of mining on a sustainable basis. These parameters, defined as conditioning factors – FCs, identify the remarkable elements used for the establishment of mining zoning, the main product for OTGM. In this context, the current situation of the mining activity and geological potential for the occurrence of mineral resources were identified and collated with legal and natural constraints of use and land occupation, allowing the partitioning of the territory in areas more or less appropriate for mining development (preferred, controlled and blocked zones).

CABRAL JUNIOR, Marsis; GAMBA, Carlos Tadeu Carvalho. Ordenamento territorial geomineiro (OTGM) do polo minero-cerâmico de Santa Gertrudes – SP: um instrumento de planejamento e gestão para garantir o suprimento sustentável de recursos minerais. Revista de Gestão Ambiental e Sustentabilidade – GeAS, v.6, n.3, p.54-73, set./dez., 2017.

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