Metano no subsolo: o caso da USP Leste


In this paper, present some results of monitoring of the systems employed to mitigating risks in the UPS Leste buildings related to the presence of CH4 underground, the result of studies conducted by the Laboratório de Resíduos de Áreas Contaminadas do Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas (LRAC-IPT). The effectiveness of installed systems has been demonstrated by monitoring carried out in 112 pair of subslab samplers (each pair consisting of a sampler to 0.30 m and another at 1.0 m depth) distributed by nine buildings

IGNATIUS, Scandar Gasperazzo; ARAUJO, Marcela Maciel de; CAPOZZOLI, Caluan Rodrigues . Metano no subsolo : o caso da USP Leste. In: CONGRESSO INTERNATIONAL DE MEIO AMBIENTE SUBTERRANEO; INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON SUBSURFACE ENVIRONMENT, 4., 2015, São Paulo. Expanded abstract… Resumo expandido….

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