Mapeamento de áreas sujeitas à inundação para planejamento e gestão urbana: cartas de suscetibilidade , perigo e risco


This paper approaches concepts related and formulation maps of susceptibility, hazard and risk to gradual river flooding hydrologic process, with the scope and application of each map in the prevention on natural disasters in the urban expansion and aid territorial management contexts. From literature review, it shows the different approaches and the main factors related to the preparation and content of susceptibility, hazard and risk maps to gradual flood. The results indicate that, in general, the maps relating to this process apply to susceptibility, hazard or risk have correspondence with different objectives and work scale involved. Thus, to map gradual river flood, it follows that the susceptibility is associated with natural terrain conditions that favor water level rise in the drainage channel with overflow, reaching floodplains and river terraces. Hazard is associated with the event occurrence probability in a given area and time. Risk incorporates the use and occupation, considering the vulnerability associated with damage to the achievable areas. As part of territorial planning, we seek to avoid or mitigate problems and extend necessary actions. The management is configured as the fulfillment of the conditions the the planning done in the past helped to build. The map type depends on the purpose that may be planning or management, as well as the scale, which can be of detail, intermediate detail or regional, and also of their possibleapplications.

MACEDO, Sofia Julia Alves; STEFANI, Fausto Luis; PAULON, Nivaldo; FACCINI, Luis Gustavo; BITAR, Omar Yazbek. Mapeamento de áreas sujeitas à inundação para planejamento e gestão urbana : cartas de suscetibilidade , perigo e risco. In: SIMPÓSIO BRASILEIRO DE CARTOGRAFIA GEOTÉCNICA E GEOAMBIENTAL, 9;. 2015, Cuiabá. Trabalho apresentado…São Paulo: ABGE, 2015. 5 p.

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