The utilization of used label paper as scraps for recycling


The label base papers bring many problems at the mill that uses secondary fibers for papermaking. This is due to its high resistance to moisture awarded by application on the surface or inside the mass of agents based on silicone. This paper presents a method of pretreatment of those papers that removes the silicone from the base paper, making it less resistant moisture and allowing to work with those pretreated base paper on regular process used with secondary fibers preparation.

NEVES, José Mangolini; D’ÁLMEIDA, Maria Luiza Otero; FERRÃO, E.S.P.; KOGA, Mariza Eiko Tsukuda; OTA, Shok . Utilização de papéis base para etiqueta com aparas. In: ENCONTRO NACIONAL DE TECNICELPA, 21., CONGRESSO IBEROAMERICANO DE INVESTIGAÇÃO EM CELULOSE E PAPEL, CIADICYP, 6., Lisboa, 2010.. Proceedings… 9p.

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