The incidence of susceptible areas to gravitational mass movements and floods in municipalities covered by the National Plan for Risk Management and Response to Natural Disasters


This article summarizes results of susceptible areas mapping under the National Plan for Risk Management and Disaster Response, launched in August 2012, in compliance with the guidelines of the National Policy on Protection and Civil Defense, issued by Federal Law 12,608 / 2012. The overall objective is to establish the technological basis for continued development of a production model of susceptibility maps to processes that can generate natural disasters, in order to support the territorial planning and disaster prevention. Suitable methods have been developed for mapping susceptibility to landslide, flood, debris flow and a sudden flood. The methods are based on analysis of available data and field verification. The application of the methods resulted in the composition of susceptibility maps to gravitational mass movements and floods. Initially applied in municipalities in the South and Southeast, the methods developed were later also used in the Northeast, Midwest and North, whose results are compared and discussed briefly. The overall results obtained refer to mappings carried out between 2012 and April 2015 in 279 municipalities, distributed in twenty states. Emphasis is developed basic procedures and results. In general, the application of the methods developed show good results in different regions.Some specific difficulties were encountered in relation to applications in municipalities in the northern region, particularly due to the lack of basic data compatible with the geographic scale and types of digital elevation models employed. It is noted the incidence of the different susceptibility classes (high, medium and low), considered in relation to landslides, floods, debris flows and sudden floods. In the case of debris flows and sudden floods, the incidence is highlighted in relation to drainage areas with high susceptibility to these two processes.

SILVA, Sandra Fernandes da. BITAR, Omar Yazbek. Incidência de áreas suscetíveis a movimentos gravitacionaos de massa e inindações em municípios abrqangidos pelo plano Nacional de Gestão de Riscos e Respostas Desastres Naturais. Revista Brasileira de Geologia de Engenharia e Ambiental, v.4, n.2, p.95-108, 2016.

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