Dinâmica do uso e ocupação do solo e processos erosivos no Córrego do Tucum (São Pedro/SP)


Changes in land use and land cover can modify the environment and induce the occurrence accelerated erosive processes, such as rill and gullies. Thus, when mapping the soil erosion must be considered the natural conditioning factors and the dynamics of the land use and land cover. In this context, the aim of this paper was to evaluate the dynamics of land use and its relationship with the evolution of erosive processes in the Tucum Watershed, located in the São Pedro (SP). For this, the MOLUSCE plugin of the QGIS and Landsat 5 and 8 (1997/2007/2017) were used. Through the developed evaluation it was verified that the process of urbanization occurred in recent years is the main factor associated with the evolution of erosions. The occupation around the affected area and the implementation of inadequate infrastructure construction projects contributed to the reactivation of an extremely critical erosive process. Using geotechnologies it was possible to develop a qualitative evaluation and to obtain satisfactory results, that allowed the understanding of the changes of the use of the ground in the last 20 years, and its influence in the evolution of gully erosion. the results can help the implementation of control practices, and mainly guide the implementation of public policies, effectively ensuring the reduction of risks to the population, water resources and the environment.

NEVES, Monique de Paula; LOLLO, José Augusto de; ALMEIDA FILHO, Gerson Salviano de. Dinâmica do uso e ocupação do solo e processos erosivos no Córrego do Tucum (São Pedro/SP). In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE GEOTÉCNIA AMBIENTAL – REGEO, 9., São Carlos, 2019. Anais… São Carlos: EESC, 2019. p. 723-730.

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