Reliable measurements are essential in all areas of modern life: examples are present from the global challenges of sustainable energy to providing high quality healthcare, as well as protecting the environment and the legal and regulatory framework that underpins trade. International. All depend on traceability, which must evolve to meet the world’s growing demands for greater measurement accuracy.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development – ​​OECD, 80% of world trade (15 trillion dollars in 2019) could be affected by standards or associated technical regulations. The Bureau international des poids et mesures – BIPM estimates that measurement and its related operations may represent 3% to 6% of GDP in industrialized countries.

IPT is a fundamental partner to promote sustainable development, combining economic, environmental and social aspects. In an increasingly restrictive regulatory, economic and competitive environment, the Regulatory and Metrological Technologies (TRM) unit, with reference laboratories in industrial metrology and a multidisciplinary team, supports companies in their innovation and growth strategies, focused on increasing the competitiveness of business.

TRM also supports society in facing changing social challenges (citizen and consumer protection, health and safety, and environmental protection) and in the implementation of public policies.

TRM’s business is to create references and measurement methods for the areas of oil and gas, manufacturing, sanitation, water resources, health, energy, agribusiness, sustainable development, environment, infrastructure, mining, materials, mobility and transport, urbanization and housing, industry 4.0 and smart cities.

The aim is to provide clients with reliable benchmarks and results, allowing them to implement their own strategies. The method is to mobilize the necessary human and technical resources to find appropriate solutions for the various demands of society.

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