Criteria for priority catchments: support to implementation of payment for environmental services in watersheds


Payment for Environmental Services (PES) is a strategic economic tool to promote the protection and recovery of ecosystems and their services, such as ensuring the availability of water. PES schemes must be initiated with the voluntary participation of the providers which may result in investments in lands that are at low risk of degradation or have little influence over hydrological changes. In this context, this paper aims at identifying priority areas for the investments on PES in watersheds, in the catchment scale, based on selection of biophysical and geoenvironmental criteria. The study area was the municipality of Joanópolis, São Paulo State, which lies within the Cantareira System, one of the main water supply systems of the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo City. Different variables were selected based on the literature review, on the characteristics of the studied area, on the possibility of mapping in the work scale and on technical meetings with a multidisciplinary team. The method consisted of gathering the criteria into two groups: one representing the natural potential of each catchment, where investments in environmental protection and conservation actions should be applied; and another group indicating the degradation status of each catchment, where forest recovery activities should be promoted. It is expected that better hydrological benefits may be achieved if investments in conservation or recovery actions are applied in high priority areas defined by the methodology. The results can be used to support a decision making for investments in PES strategic areas, contributing to the management of water resources, the environmental planning and the scientific knowledge.

MACHADO, Aline Ribeiro; SIQUEIRA, Alessandra Gonçalves; MONTEIRO, Ana Cândida Melo Cavani; TERRELL, Deborah; FACCINI, Luiz Gustavo; LONGO, Mariana Hortelani Carneseca; CORREA, Nádia Franqueiro; IKEMATSU, Priscila; ARGENTIN, Priscilla Moreira; TAVARES, Tatiana Luiz dos Santos. Critérios para a priorização de microbacias hidrográficas: subsídios à implantação de esquemas de pagamentos por serviços. Revista IPT: Tecnologia e Inovação, v.2, n.7, p.59-84, abr., 2018.

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