Uncertainty in determining the true solar


In this work, we discuss, from a metrological point of view, the measurement of the astronomical time interval, known as “true solar day” which, through History, was a unit of time widely used by mankind. The intention is to attract and to motivate the interest to promote the discussion of Metrology concepts applied to a phenomenon strongly related to our lives, in this case, the duration variability of the days along one year. The software Stellarium, which allows simulating the movement of the celestial bodies, was employed to measure the duration of the day in regular intervals along one year. The obtained results are presented, compared against the values from the Yearbook of the National Observatory – RJ and are analyzed and discussed.

TORRES, Fabrício Gonçalves; SILVA, Diogo Cesar Borges; TEIXEIRA, Ramachrisna. Incertezas na determinação do dia solar verdadeiro: conceitos metrológicos aplicados à astronomia. Revista IPT, Tecnologia e Inovação, v.3, n.11, p.6-20, ago., 2019.

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