Calibration of defibrillator analyzer by voltage square method


Defibrillator is an electromedical equipment used to rescue patients with cardiac arrhythmias. The success rate in the equipment is high, however, it is necessary that the defibrillator is in good condition and, therefore, must be tested by means of a defibrillator analyzer. There is a need for the defibrillator analyzers to be calibrated and their measurements have metrological traceability. The measurements carried out by the analyzers must not exceed the tolerances determined by the medical standards and therefore the equipment used in the calibration of these devices must have an uncertainty lower than the required tolerances. The present work has the purpose of presenting a calibration method of defibrillator analyzer by means of the tolerance required by the standards of electromedical. The uncertainty components that are relevant for calibration are described. The proposed method was tested in the calibration of a defibrillator analyzer and the results obtained from the calibration are presented.

TORRES, Fabrício Gonçalves; APOLINÁRIO, Felipe Santiago; DIAS, Regis Renato; SANTOS, Tiago Lopes. Calibration of defibrillator analyzer by voltage square method. In: CONGRESSO BRASILERIO DE ENGENHARIA BIOMÉDICA 2018, Búzio. Anais… 7p.

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