Application of XRF as a screening tool for the assessment of CCA contaminated sites


The investigation of contaminated sites can be a costly process, especially when carried out in brownfields, where it is generally not possible to collect information to direct the studies. One way to optimize resources is the use of screening tools, which, through indirect methods of rapid response, permit the determination of priority areas for the continuity of studies. One technique that can be used is the X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF), which presents several features that make it a powerful tool for application in scans, such as the multi-elemental analysis, since it is a no-destructive and fast performing methods with relatively low cost, that can be directly applied in the field with portable equipment. This study presents the results obtained in the application of XRF for the determination of chromated copper arsenate (CCA) contaminated sites, as part of the environmental assessment of a former wood treatment plant.

BARBOSA, Alexandre Muselli; FREITAS, Leandro Gomes de; GUIMARÃES, Camila Camolesi; CRUZ, Reginaldo Passos . Application of XRF as a screening tool for the assessment of CCA contaminated sites. In: INTERNATIONAL CONTAMINATED SITE REMEDIATION CONFERENCE, CLEAN UP, 7th., 2017, Melbourne. Proceedings… United Kingdom: CRC CARE, 2017.

Document with restricted access. Log in to BiblioInfo, Library/IPT-DAIT to access the PDF text:

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