Technological alternatives for erosion control in road construction


One peripheral highway (Rodoanel), approximately 175 km long has been pro-posed to reduce traffic problems in the most densely populated area in Brazil, in the São Paulo Metropolitan Region. The southern section of this expressway crosses water catchments that supply most of the metropolitan water demand. Road construction in water source protection ar-eas requires adoption of effective control measures in order to mitigate the significance of environmental impacts in the floodplains, rivers, streams and reservoirs. To promote the efficient control of sediment production and water protection should be implemented a set of temporary measures during the civil construction, mainly in the earthworks phase. The EIA follow-up of civil works of southern section of Rodoanel has highlighted that soil conservation practices in association with structural measures can guarantee effective protection for superficial water quality and floodplain areas. Some examples of soil conservation practices and structural measures are presented and discussed.

CAMPOS, S.J.A.M.; GALLARDO, A.L.C.F.; BITAR, O.Y.; GAMA JR., G.F.C.; CAVALHIERI, C.P.; ALVARENGA, M.C.; PAULON, N.; GOMES, C.L.R.; FERREIRA, A.L.; SOARES, E.B. Technological alternatives for erosion control in Road construction. In: CONGRESS OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT, 11., 2010, Auckland, New Zwland. Proceedings… Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2010. [Cd-Room].

Document with restricted access. Link to BiblioInfo, Biblioteca-DE/IP to access the full text in PDF:

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