A obtenção de velocidades da onda S por diferentes métodos sísmicos


Three seismic methods were used to acquire shear wave velocity at a test site: crosshole test, seismic refraction (using S waves, which are not used as frequently as P waves in seismic) and Multichannel Analysis of surface Waves (MASW). These methods were comparatively evaluated. The crosshole data, considered to be more accurate than other methods data, were used as a “yard stick” for evaluating the accuracy of MASW shear wave velocity data. The results show a good agreement between the surface seismic methods data (seismic refraction and MASW) and the crosshole test data (performed in boreholes).

GANDOLFO, Otávio Coaracy Brasil; SILVA, Ivo Vieira da. A obtenção de velocidades da onda S por diferentes métodos sísmicos. In: INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF THE BRAZILIAN GEOPHYSICAL SOCIETY & EXPOGEF,13., 2013, Rio de Janeiro. Proceedings… 4 p.

Document with restricted access. Link to BiblioInfo, Biblioteca-DE/IP to access the full text in PDF:

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