A determinação da profundidade do nível de água pelo método de refração sísmica


This paper presents the results of a refraction seismic survey, using compressional waves (P) and shear waves (S), to estimate the depth to the water table in an unconfined aquifer. The use of both P and S-wavs can diminish some ambiguities. Seismic refraction data were processed with tomographic inversion and the final models were compared. The water table depth was well determined by the P-wave section (obtained by "delay times" method) and the combined P and S-wave data processed with tomographic inversion, using Poisson’s ration values.

GANDOLFO, Otávio Coaracy Brasil. A determinação da profundidade do nível d’água pelo método da refração sísmica. In: SIMPÓSIO BRASILEIRO DE GEOFÍSICA, 6., 2014, Porto Alegre. Anais… 4 p.

Document with restricted access. Link to BiblioInfo, Biblioteca-DE/IP to access the full text in PDF:

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