Recycled PET nanofibers produced by electrospinning technique


Increasing concerns for the preservation of environmental and sustainnability of resources have been draw and the use of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is one of alternatives to non-renewable resouces in material technogy. The main purpose of the work is to produce by recycled PET a nanofiber by the electrospinning technique. The work consists of polimeric solution preparation to be electrsopun, followed by definition of parameters of electrospinning process and finally the nanofiber production. Afterwards, characterization of PET nonwoven nanofiber that includes Thernal analysys, Termogravimetric analysis, Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and contact angle measurement. The results show that the conditions of electrospinning process adopted were suitable to obtain a nonwoven fiber, with filaments in nanoscale. Moreover, the fiber, even with the processing, the PET polymer retained its properties without showing signs of degradation, thus creating a new alternative to the use of the material, with high functional value.

GOMES, S.S.; OLIVEIRA, Adriano Marim de; MAIA, A.; CANIN, Maria Helena Ambrosio. Recycled PET nanofibers produced by electrospinning technique. In: TECHCONNECT WORLD INNOVATION CONFERENCE & EXPO, 2016, Washington. Proceedings… 4p. 

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