Methodology of determination of the dissolution rate of rare earth oxides in molten fluorides


In the industrial production of rare earth metals, the dissolution rate of their oxides in molten fluoride salts is a crucial parameter for the minimization of both perfluorocarbon emissions and the formation of scale in electrolytic cells. This work describes a new methodology developed at IPT to determine the dissolution rate, based on low voltage chronoamperometry, far from conditions of critical current density. This methodology differs from the voltametric techniques from literature because it can be implemented with equipment rated for low current and voltage amplitudes. Results show that the magnitude of the measurement uncertainty was similar to that of the methods based on voltammetry, however with a more scalable and less expensive system.

FUSCO, Felipe; NAHAT, Rafael Augusto Theodoro Pereira de Souza; ARAÚJO, Rogerio de Melo Ribeiro de; SANTOS, Célia Aparecida dos; SILVA, André Luiz Nunis da. Methodology of determination of the dissolution rate of rare Earth oxides in molten fluorides. In: ABM ANNUAL CONGRESS INTERNATIONAL, 75, 08 jun., 2022, São Paulo. Proceedings… 22 p.

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