New measurement technologies applied to mechanical manufacturing: tactile-optical probes and X-ray computed tomography


The miniaturization of parts and components and the growing demand for more accurate measurements have led to ongoing developments in the field of dimensional metrology. Coordinate metrology as a multipurpose and an efficient measurement technology, has been widely used in the industrial sector, and thus deserved considerable efforts to extend its capabilities to new engineering needs impelled by the market. Most developments have involved new probing solutions which have made possible to engineers defining new dimensional engineering parameters. X-ray computed tomography, first conceived to image internal structures of the human body, and under permanent evolution, has also become an important metrology technique for material quality control and dimensional quality control. As a material quality control tool, discontinuities, cracks and voids could be detected without physically destroying or damage the sample under investigation. As a dimensional metrology tool, the complete examination in a non-destructive manner of inner and outer geometries of pasts and components has become possible. In this paper, material investigation of manufactured components and dimensional evaluation of intricate geometric are described and discussed from the metrology point of view. The use of the so-called raster tomography, which enhances the measurement range or enlarges the detector size, is also presented for the case of material analysis, particularly as being a feasible alternative to inspect relative large parts in two or more screens, which could be then merged for the complete evaluation. Dimensional engineering issues related to the measurement of microgeometries on multisensory coordinate measuring machines are also outlined and discussed under a metrology perspective. Particular attention is given to the measurement setup, traceability to the SI and uncertainty evaluation.

BALDO, Crhistian Raffaelo; SILVA, Diogo Cesar Borges; YAMANAKA, Douglas Mamoru. New measurement technologies applied to mechanical manufacturing: tactile-optical probes and X-ray computed tomography. In: SEMINÁRIO INTERNACIONAL DE ALTA TECNOLOGIA: INOVAÇÕES TECNOLÓGICAS NA MANUFATURA, 18., 2013, Piracicaba. Anais… Piracicaba: UNIMEP, 2013. p. 155-169. 18 p.

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