Fab in a package: LTCC microfluidic devices for micro and nanoparticle fabrication


The Chemical industry is moving toward miniaturization with the help of microreaction technology and automated control systems. Besides the evident advantage of Microtechnology like improved portability, reduced energy use, safety and flexibility, the main advantage associated with the miniaturization of chemical processes is the increased microreactor control due to predicate thermal and mass transportation properties. We understand that LTCC Microsystems technology have a relevant role in this area. LTCC Microfluidic devices have been applied to carry out several chemical process operations, including mixing, separation, chemical reaction, heterogeneous catalysis, heat exchange and so on. More recently, LTCC microfluidic systems have also been used to procedure micro-and nanoparticles with excellent control of size distribution, morphology and constitution. The present work give an account of some LTCC Microfluidic devices aimed for Micro and Nanoparticle fabrication. At this time we report devices for: Emulsion generation for obtaining alginate microparticles by ionic gelation; Eletrospinning applications, Microreactors for silver nanoparticles production and 3D Flow focusing devices for pharmaceutical active nanocrystallization.

GONGORA-RUBIO, Mario Ricardo; FREITAS, Kellen Heloizy Garcia; SCHIANTI, Juliana de Novais; OLIVEIRA, Adriano Marim de; CERIZE, Natalia Neto Pereira; ZANIN, Maria Helena Ambrosio. Fab in a package: LTCC microfluidic devices for micro and nanoparticle fabrication. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION CERAMIC INTERCONNECT AND CERAMIC MICROSYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES, 8., 2012, Erfurt. Proceedings… 9p.

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