Wood cell elastic model for stress and deformation analysis


This paper presents a three dimensional wood cell model formulated as a multi-layered tube formed by the compound middle lamella and three layers of the secondary cell wall. Each layer was considered as a composite material derived from matrix and fiber, by rule of mixtures, where lignin and hemicellulose represent the matrix and the cellulose microfibrils the fiber. The resulting composite in each layer can be orthotropic or isotropic, when considering the local axis defined by microfibril orientation, but it can be anisotropic in the global coordinates. A cylindrical coordinate has been used to obtain the theoretical wood cell model considering compatibility, equilibrium, constitutive equations and boundary conditions. This model allows calculate the internal force and torque in wood cell, as well as, the internal stresses in each layer for sound and deteriorated wood by fungi, in order to evaluate the strength of wood and the safety of structures.

YOJO, Takashi; PIGOZZO, Raphael Jaquier Bossler; MIRANDA, Maria José de Andrade Casimiro; SOUZA, Cassiano Oliveira de; BRAZOLIN, Sérgio. Wood cell elastic model for stress and deformation analysis. In: WORLD CONFERENCE ON TIMBER ENGINEERING, 2016, Vienna, Austria. Proceedings… 10 p.

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