Uso de grelha de fibra de carbono em recomposição de pavimento decorrente de abertura de vala


It was evaluated in this study the performance of the carbon fiber grid used as reinforcement of the asphalt cover layer in pavement restoration process from trench opening in vehicle traffic routes. This application test was carried out in partnership with the Basic Sanitation Company of the State of São Paulo (SABESP) – Metropolitan Unit East (ML) and with support of contractor CTL Engineering Ltda. For this test was defined one objective strategy, a practical, evaluate the performance of pavement reinforcement developed by S & P Clever Reinforcement Brazil Ltda., Being chosen two ditches recomposed by the same teams (backfill and replacement of asphalt layer) and in the same tread the road traffic, with a ditch with application of reinforcement and the other without. This methodology sought to minimize the interference of human factor during the restoration of the pavement, keeping similar executive feature of both ditches. Thus, it can be said that the load applied on the two rearrangements will be exactly the same and ensure a reliable comparison, in a test carried out in real conditions of use of the vehicle traffic route. During the closing of the trial trench was conducted monitoring of the stages of rebuilding the pavement, having verified the degree of compaction and moisture content of the base layers and backfill, in addition to other characteristics of the materials used by the test laboratory. After 99 days of the restoration of the pavement, and the route released for general traffic vehicle during this period, a reassessment was performed in order to analyze the current pavement conditions. In this step were observed the paving health conditions of both rearrangements and also held sample extraction hood for testing (extraction performed in the restoration without reinforcement, this to avoid breakage of the grid that can be monitored over time). The results showed good performance of carbon fiber grid that prevented the reflection of cracks in the application area and the need to adjust executive procedures, especially in relation to forming joints between the floor and recomposed the existing one.

ANDRADE, Leandro Reis; CAMPOS, Gisleine Coelho de; MANETTI, Nelson César. Uso de grelha de fibra de carbono em recomposição de pavimento decorrente de abertura de vala. Techne, Ed.252, v.27, p.22-27, set., 2019.

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