Tomografia de impulso na avaliação da deterioração de árvores


Non-destructive methods (NDM), such as the impulse tomography technique, have been frequently used to evaluate the interior of trees, it is necessary, though, to prove the reliability of this technique. The general objective of this study was to determine the response patterns of the impulse tomography method (Ito) in the investigation of internal deterioration of jacarandá-mimoso and sibipiruna trees. This work was performed at IPT with 8 trees, being 4 jacarandá-mimoso and 4 sibipirunas. The diagnosis was established through the technique of impulse tomography and comparing it with the prospecting technique using the tool penetrograph. The Ito spotted wood areas with different stages of deterioration, therefore was considered as a reliable technique for the internal analysis of jacarandá-mimoso and sibipiruna. The prospecting technique (penetrograph) proved to be an inspection method complementary to Ito, enabling to increase the reliability of the analysis and decision making (management).

LIMA, Reinaldo Araújo de; BRAZOLIN, Sérgio; PACHECO, Vinícius Félix. Tomografia de impulso na avaliação da deterioração de árvores. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE ARBORIZAÇÃO URBANA, 18., 2014, Rio de Janeiro. Anais.. 16 p.

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